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9866) Cynthia Sommers 
merrill,wi. Location
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Sunday, 3 November 2013 16:20 Host: Send E-mail

Love the music!bought a tape of,on a roll back in the '90s.wore it out.moved around alot the last 10yrs and today i discovered while going thru all my tapes that my fattburger is gone.waaa.i love you and want to replace it with a cd and add more fattburger to my music collection.S.O.S..--help---I'm dyin' here---i need some fattburger!!can anyone help me?? thank you fattburger for creating such great music.i grooved to your music every time i put the tape made me happy.i miss you guys.with high hopes i will listen to your music again...cindy

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